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Monday, 5 September 2016

My Greek Adventure

Summer seems like a far distant memory these days......especially now as it's the start of September and we are all starting to think of our Autumn wardrobes and what key pieces we need to buy to update them!!!  As I am a summer baby I am refusing point blank may I add, to let the summer go without a fight (especially seeing as in this year our Great British Summer seems to have been quite a wash out and at times cold!!!).  So as I am sat here reminiscing about those brief balmy summer days and planning how I can stretch out my summer wardrobe that little bit longer, I though I would share with you one of my favourite parts of my trip to the Greek Island of Kefalonia.......

The day started early as the port where we would set sail to begin our adventure was quite a drive from our beautiful hotel set in the small town Skala.....we traveled along the coast and up through the mountains and down to reach the small port of Sami where we set sail on the first leg of our adventure to the small Greek Mythological island Ithaca.....

Our boat took us up the Ithaca channel to the island, where we docked at a small fishing harbour which had a beautiful little pebble beach and the most beautiful crystal clear turquoise water.  Lined up along the harbour were the cutest little fishing boats......they couldn't have been more picture perfect if they had tried!!!  By this time the Mediterranean sun was high in the sky and shining down hard so with temperatures soaring in we jumped into the cool clear waters.......... It Was Like HEAVEN!!!
Once our little swim stop was over we boarded the boat again where we set sail for our main destination back over on the island of Kefalonia.  This time we were heading to the picturesque Venetian town of Fiscardo.........     

After a short boat ride across the water we arrived at Fiscardo's harbour,  now this town is well known for it's cosmopolitain feel and it's famous.......sometimes even royal visitors!!  However for me it was the gorgeous Venetian architecture that drew me here!!!  I just love the old Venetian style balconies, the shutters and the ornate doors (yes the doors!!!  I have a thing for a good door, ie they always provide the perfect selfie/photo backdrop which you will see later in the post haha).  

Walking around the town I found myself mesmerised by the bougainvillea climbing up all the buildings and arches, the narrow stone streets that branched off in all directions, the white washed walls and the brightly painted shutters and doors...... it really is the most picturesque towns I have ever visited.  With so much originality to it and culture how could it not be one of my favourite parts of my trip to the Greek island!!!

I seriously could have spent the whole day in Fiscardo; eating and drinking the local specialities......wandering around and drifting in and out of all the little boutiques.  Some selling the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, others selling handcrafted bags to the most amazing silk kaftans.....I really was in my element, my little happy place ❤︎

The Greek islands are my most favourite places to visit and on returning home, before the wheels of the plane had even hit the runway I was already planning my next Greek adventure..... my thoughts are towards Santorini or even Mykonos, maybe I could island hop!!!  who knows what next summer will bring!?!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous summer all be it short and sweet, I would love to hear all about your holiday highlights and adventures below........ XxX 


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Travel: An Essential Guide To Packing

Summer is well and truly here.....however this year, here in the UK it seems to be more in seasonal name then actual presence......!!!! So for all us Brits who are lucky enough to be able to jet off to warmer climates, be it near or far here is my essential guide to packing!!!!

Airport Attire!!!  When packing.....and I know this may sound silly but trust me it makes perfect sense, I firstly think of what I will be wearing to the airport!!!  I like to make full use (and i mean FULL) of the baggage allowance when I travel, so my airport attire is always strategic.  I always want and aim to be comfortable (and lets not forget stylish) especially if it is a long flight, however I try and include into my outfit items of clothing which are heavy or awkward to pack.....say for example a straw fedora hat.  Doing this frees up space in my case and allows the weight to stay down, I also pack heavier items in my hand luggage if it allows!!!

The handbag I use for the airport is also strategic.....yes of course I want it to coordinate and set off my outfit perfectly, however I also want it to be functional!  There is nothing worse then having to dig around in the bottom of a huge bag trying to find my passport, makeup, boarding pass, purse and what ever else I may try and fill a big bag with (yes I am one of those girls).  So I opt for a more compact smaller bag.....one which is the perfect size to fit in those airport essentials, meaning everything is easily found and accessible.......  

Holiday Wardrobe!!!  Once I have decided on my airport attire I move on to packing my main suitcase.......now this can often seem overwhelming and people tend to just throw things in, resulting in over weigh cases, miss matched outfits or even excess items which never end up being worn at all whilst away!!!  To avoid these situations I organise and pre-plan my holiday wardrobe in advance.
I buy bits and pieces over the upcoming months and weeks, firstly to spread the cost but also so I don't panic buy last minute.....this never results in anything good....trust me!!  As i'm going along I asses what pieces I have and haven't got and add accordingly, this avoids over buying and makes sure you don't buy one too many of of a particular item of clothing or shoes (I am a shoe person so this part is hard for me as I could take a case just devoted to shoes if I was allowed).  

........In my final stage of organising my holiday wardrobe I lay out everything on the bed, arranging each item into a complete outfit.....this includes everything from hats to shoes, sunglasses to jewellery, belts to bags.  I then take pictures on my phone so I have a reference of each outfit which I can refer to whilst I'm away, and believe me this makes all the difference when it comes to getting ready and being out the door in a timely manner (something all boyfriends discreetly or NOT so discreetly wish would happen)!!!  I pack enough outfits for the number of nights I will be away, plus two backup outfits with me just incase and to allow for the unexpected.

Lotions & Potions!!!  Now all you ladies out there know that toiletries are the biggest contributor to the weight of a suitcase, that and makeup.  When packing them I either try to buy travel sized items or another good solution if they don't have your products available, is to buy the empty travel sized pots and bottles (which you can buy from places like Boots and even Primark for just a few pounds, and they come with labels so you know what is in each of them).  This is the option I went for as it meant I could take all my favourite lotions and potions with me and not have to worry about them weighing my case down.    

The Finer Things!!!  Finally......all my outfits are packed and so are all my lotions and potions, all that is left to pack is my jewellery.  Now jewellery being one of the more delicate finer things in life can easily be broken or damaged in a case, so I like to pack it carefully.  Its obviously not possible to pack your jewellery box or tree in your case, so I use something a little more makeshift when I travel!
Rather then have all my lovely pieces of jewellery floating around in my case I put them all into a small box or container......I found that the perfect one for me is an old Ladure√© box, as it fits in all the jewellery I like to take away with me perfectly (small storage boxes or even a small Tupperware box will also do the trick and can be found most places).  Once I have packed into it all my jewellery I simply place the lid on and slot it between some soft items of clothing......and voila my jewellery is safe for when I come to wear it on holiday!!!  

So there you have it..... my stress free essential guide to packing for all your travels this summer.  All that is left to do is zip the case closed and have a stylish and fabulous time ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ 
P.S.....Don't forget your passportttttt!!!


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer Metallics

Metallics were all over the SS16 runways, with designers Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg and Gucci being but a few...... since the SS16 shows all those months ago, metallics have now hit the high street and are just as big!!!  
Mango, Topshop, ASOS and Zara are all high street brands who are in on this trend.  From lurex yarns to metallic coated denim, crinkles to pleats, jacquards to leather, nothing is off limits with this trend and there are plenty of ways to wear it.  
You may want to go for a more understated take on the trend by bringing in jewellery and accessories...... try mixing and layering different coloured metals together to create a simple yet on-trend look......or if you wanted something a little bolder that really makes a statement try these boyfriend jeans from Topshop they will not disappoint and are guaranteed to turn heads!!!     

I like to team my jeans with pastels to create a summery look and I mix in textures to create interest within my outfit; such as this lace shirt from Vero Moda, leather jacket from Zara and marabou feather bag from Miss Selfridge (similar here).

When it comes to accessorising and mixing metals Nomination Italy and the Zara Simon's range 'Z' for Accessorize do the best stackable jewellery.  I just love the way mixing metals, layering and stacking creates a chic and effortless style....whether it be rings, necklaces or bracelets, mixing silver and gold or mixing all three including rose gold I just love it ❤︎ and as I said earlier it is an easy and refined way of incorporating the metallic trend into your wardrobe.

So whether you go for a minimalistic approach or head to toe, make sure this summer you add the metallic trend to your wardrobe..... and most importantly have fun with it, whatever your signature style there is something for everyone.  I hope you enjoyed this post and I have put links below to the other items featured, see you all soon XxX


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tom Ford - Soleil Summer Collection 2016

Recently I have become a bit of a beauty fanatic and buying new pieces of makeup and beauty products has now turned into one of my favourite past times (don't worry I am still obsessed with clothes shoes and handbags haha).  Being a bit of a newbie to this new found passion of mine I am always on the look out for new and exciting products to try.......naturally when I found out Tom Ford was releasing a new limited addition makeup and beauty collection for the summer I was on it straight away!!!  My name was on that coveted waiting list and the long wait began.

The ladies on the Tom Ford counter in the Manchester Exchange Square Selfridges are always so lovely and helpful, and I was lucky enough to get a little sneak preview of the collections look book before it came out so I knew exactly what I wanted to order and what it would be like.  I chose three products from the collection, the "Afternooner" Contouring Compact, the Ultra-Rich Lip Colour Lipstick in shade "Revolve Around me" and the "Soleil Blanc" Shimmering Body Oil.  Now the whole collection is absolutely gorgeous and couldn't be more perfect for the summer......however I would say these have to be my favourites out of all the collection, with my very top pick being the Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil.....honestly it is like the most chic, glamorous and luxurious holiday in a bottle!!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎

The release date of the collection was scheduled for the 2nd of May and I was fortunate enough to be able to collect mine a day early (I actually couldn't have been more excited, this was what I had been waiting for haha).  When I went to go and pick up my new purchases I managed to hold in my excitement at the Tom Ford counter as I was handed one of their luxurious signature black and gold bags with all my new products in.  I couldn't wait to get them home and try them out!!!    

When I finally got them home and removed the tissue paper I was amazed with how beautifully they had been wrapped for me.....they had been wrapped in yet more tissue paper and placed into a gorgeous gift box with the same luxurious signature look as their carrier bags and finished with a ribbon tied in a bow around the box (I absolutely love wrapping and packaging especially when it looks like this ❤︎).  At the bottom of the bag there was a number of perfume samples which the sales assistant had placed in and had remembered me saying I liked (I felt very special by this point hehe), I still haven't had chance to try these out yet, but I can not wait as they are some of my favourites along with some I have never tried before.

The "Soleil Summer Collection" is a limited edition collection and comes in the Ivory and gold packaging, which looks every bit as glamorous and chic as the brands distinguished heritage.  I'm going to start with the "Soleil Blanc - Shimmering Body Oil" as this is my top pick...... as I said earlier it is like a holiday in a bottle with essences of white florals, amber, bergamot and pistachio.  It has a soft floral, sensual fragrance to it and you can really pick up on the amber and bergamot, which are two of my absolute favourite essences.  While the oil helps to hydrate your skin the gold flacks illuminate it, leaving your skin looking and feeling amazing!!!  This will definitely be coming with me to Greece this summer, and this is why it is my top pick ❤︎...........

My second pick was the "Afternooner - Contouring Compact"...... I just love trying out contouring palettes, so when I found out one was going to be included in the collection I had to have it!  This is the first face palette Tom Ford has launchd and not only does it look chic and stylish, but the colours are perfect for the summer and giving you that summer glow.  There are three sections, a highlighter, a blush and bronzer; Each can be used on their own or together to create a natural sun-skissed, contoured glow.  This certainly ranks high on my summer essentials list and I just cant get over how flush and rich the colours are, definitely a must have..........

Finally but by no means at all least is the "Revolve Around Me - Ultra-Rich Lip Colour Lipstick"...... this has to be one of the most gorgeous nude lipstick and my absolute favourite at the moment.  Nude is my signature lip colour and I have so many, but this has to be the winner for me this summer.  With it's warm pinky beige undertone it compliments and warms your skin tone, enhancing your summer sun-kissed look.  The "Ultra-Rich Lip Colours" give a great coverage and provide the same level of moisture as a lip balm, perfect for the summer when the sun can dry out your lips.  They also come in six different shades, ranging from vivid pinks and corals to dusky purple and warm, velvety brown, there is literally a colour there for everyone.......... 

I hope you loved this post as much as I loved writing it ❤︎ I have put links below to all the products mentioned for anybody who would like to buy them or check out the rest of the collection XxX

"Soleil Blanc - Shimmering Body Oil"
"The Afternooner - Contouring Compact"
"Revolve Around Me - Ultra-Rich Lip Colour"


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Whats In My Handbag.....

I have two obsessions in life one being shoes and the other handbags (seriously I could genuinely never have to any pairs of shoes or handbags haha).  I feel they make an outfit and sometimes a great pair of shoes or a handbag is all you need!!! Take a jeans and tee combination for example.....quite plain to start off with but team them with a fab pair of heels and an amazing handbag and you have created a simple yet stylish outfit!!!
In this post I though I would share with you my favourite bag of the moment and what essentials I carry with me in it........  

The Bag it's self..... 

.....is from Zara and yes while I do love my designer bags, I also love high street labels as well!  Zara is great at designing pieces which have a high end look but at an affordable price, and everyone who knows me (and you to now) knows that it is my favourite shop ever....like I love that shop and could probably spend allll my money in there haha.
The thing I love about this bag is how unusual it is, yet it still has a classic feel to it.  When I look for any piece be it clothes, shoes or handbags I like it to have longevity as fashion forward pieces are great but I feel they look dated 6months to a year later.  "Fashions fade, style is eternal" YVES SAINT LAURENT,
Now I have had this bag a few weeks now and I literally use it all the time.  It goes to work with me, it's been for dinner with me and even on nights out!!! (yes it has really been that diverse).  The bag comes with two detachable straps, the gold chain strap you can see and a long cross body strap which matches the bag in green and mock crock effect.  During the day and for work I like to use the cross body strap and leave the gold chain strap hanging; as it is practical yet still has that something extra.  For things like dinner or nights out I remove the cross body strap and use only the gold chain as it has a more formal feel and look to it.  I still haven't used the small handle just on its own yet but I think this is something I will do more when the weather gets warmer, when I wear little summer dresses and cami tops.  This little bag really is perfect and seems to slot in perfectly with my wardrobe.  Now I know that the bag is no longer in stock on the website as it has been so popular, however it may be possible to still find it in store or even on e-bay.  If not I have attached links below of similar bags from Zara which are just as fab and I myself may possible have to go out and buy as well hehe!!  


The Purse.....

.....is one that took me forever to find!  There are lots of small purses on the market now, both from high end retailers and from high street retailers.  For me though finding the perfect one in the right size and colour seemed to be an impossible task.  If I could fInd one in the right colour it wouldn't be the right size, and if I found one in the right size it wouldn't be the right style or colour I wanted!! (awkward girl I know, but if i'm spending money on something why shouldn't it be perfect, at least then I will love it and it will be worth the money spent!!).  
I wanted a small purse, not just a card holder.....so for me it had to have a zip compartment as well for keeping money safe (as the problem I was having with my new and amazing bag was that my old purse was to big to fit in it and I was forever loosing my money and cards at the bottom of the bag).  Long stories short I eventually found this one in Harvey Nichols and its by the brand "COACH".  The size was perfect and so was the colour as it was neutral and the hardware on it was gold so it matched my bag perfectly, it also had a zip compartment as well as slots for my cards.....finally I had found the perfect purse and to top it off it looked chic and classic!!!  There was only one problem and that was that I hadn't yet looked at the price (I usually have a habit of picking the most expensive item around, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend hehe) and I had a mental budget of £50 as I was trying to be good!!!  With one eye open nervously I reached for the price tag inside the purse expecting it to be far more expensive then my budget.....but to my pleasant surprise it was less then my budget and came in at £45........It really was PERFECT!!!
Below I have attached a link for the purse in the colour I bought it in, however it does come in a variety of colours on line and even more in store at Harvey Nichols.

The Sunglasses.....

.....you will never guess where they are from!!! Nope not Dior, not prada, not Celine.........They are from Marks & Spencer!  These I picked up on recent trip to the food hall there, and as I was leaving and passing through the clothes section I decided to have a look around and see what was there as sometime you can find great little bits in M&S especially in their Limited and Autograph range.
As I had been on the look out for a new but cheapish pair of sunglasses to take with me on holiday (I get scared when I wear my expensive ones that i'm going to drop them in the sea and never see them again) I decided to have a try of a few pairs and these were the ones that I eventually settled on.  only after taking about a million selfies and sending half to my boyfriend to make sure I didn't look silly in them haha.  The frames are in the most gorgeous nude/pale pink and gold, which will look fab in the summer and holiday with all my outfits (yes I have already started planning and buying outfits haha), and it will suit most skin tones and hair colours to.

The Essentials.....

.....finally the essentials which keep me feeling myself throughout the day!  Firstly my trusty Corn Silk, I neer leave the house without this.  It keeps my face looking and feeling fresh all day and when ever I get a bit oily around my T-Zone I just powder a bit on around my forehead, nose and chin instantly reviving my makeup.
Secondly my favourite rosey/nude shade of lipstick at the moment "Very Victoria" by Charlotte Tilbury, this is a great lipstick for the day as its matt whilst at the same time keeps you lips hydrated and soft, and in my opinion it's great for all skin tones.  On my olive skin and darker skin tones it creates more of a rosey/blush nude whilst on lighter skin tones it creates more of a peachy nude.
Thirdly and my final item in my bag is the fragrance "Si" by Georgia Armani.  It is the perfect summer sent and I absolutely love it!  I tend to go for perfumes that have a strong, rich fragrance and this one fits perfectly with an additional fruity/floral layer.....honestly go out and try it, you will love it!! It comes in three levels of intensity, the eau de toilette, the eau de parfum and the aue de parfum intense.  For those of you who dont want a perfume that is as strong I would got for the eau de toilette, and for those who like a very strong perfume I would got for the intense (you literally only need one or two spays max of the intense as I found out when I was trying them haha).
Below I have popped links for anyone who wants to try any of the essential products just mentioned, I hope you enjoyed this post and looking through my bag......happy shopping!!! XxX 


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Primark Gym Wear Haul

I personally feel like new gym clothes inspire, and yes it is another excuse for me to shop (I hold my hands up to that) but I do feel a greater sense to go to the gym when I have bought new gym wear.  Now as you all know (errrrmm....or you do now) my last post was on my new "Marbleous" makeup brushes by Spectrum Collections......so carrying on my obsession with all things marble and linking in with my new "back to the gym" mentality (i.e panic mode as im going on holiday in a few months and m still very much sporting my hibernation body....ooppssss!!!) I went on a trip to Primark and picked up some of the most amazing, fun and stylish gym wear ever and.....yep, you guessed it! It's marbled!!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎

Previously when I have bough gym wear I have gone to the usual places you think of like, Nike, JD Sports, Sports Direct, even TK Maxx (and the odd piece from Victoria's Secret, I couldn't resist and it was in the sale at a bargain price), but this time a friend had suggested Primark to me so I though why not....lets go and have a look!!!  Well lets just say now it's my new favourite place to go for bits for the gym and I had to stop myself from buying everything!!.....they have everything from water bottles to socks to gym towels, trainers, vests, leggings.....everything you could possible want for the gym, whilst looking every bit stylish at the same time.  The price points are also great and so is the quality, with a lot of the fabrics they use being 'Quick Dry' (definitely a necessity when at the gym).

This is my favourite combination out of the pieces I bought and is currently all packed and in my gym bag ready for tomorrow (ekkk first day back at the gym in forever, Tuesday is going to be a rough day haha).  Whilst on my visit I also decided to stock up gym socks, these ones are absolutely fab and came in a multi pack of three including this gorgeous denim blue marble, bright magenta and teal green marble (yes....yet again more marble, I cant help it).  They also do them in plain black and plain white and those colours come in packs of five I think.  My final purchase was the little grey and orange bag,  which has rolled up inside it a micro fibre towel.  Usually I just grab whatever small towel I can find in the cupboard at the time but I decided I was going to get into the proper spirit of things and buy a dedicated gym towel, which also happens to colour co-ordinate with my new gym wear (and ironically my other gym wear as I seem to like buying grey for the gym.....creature of habit hehe)  Bellow I will list all the items along with their prices, I bough all my pieces from the Manchester store but i'm sure most stores and defiantly the larger stores will stock the whole sportswear range, so you can pop down and check it out. XxX

Tie Dye Padded Crop Top - £5.00
Lattice Back Crop Top - £4.00
Crop Tie Dye Leggings - £6.00
Tie Dye Vest Top (longer version of crop not featured) - £5.00
3Pack of Tie Dye Sports Socks - £2.50
Micro Fiber Towel - £3.50

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Marbleous Collection

I have been on the search for a new set of makeup brushes for about a year now, and every time I came close to purchasing something always put me off.  Be it the price, the colour, the feel of the brush or even loss of interest all together (I am very meticulous you see when it comes to a purchase, and there is an actual though process behind every item I buy be big or small.  Yes I am aware I probably sound very silly right now hehe, however it is this process that makes sure I only ever buy things I absolutely LOVE or need!!!).

The new "Marbleous" collection from 'Spectrum Collections' was an instant LOVE!!!  They were perfect and exactly what I had been looking for, straight away I had to have them and couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous they were.  There was only one problem.....they hadn't been released yet and it was another 2weeks until the release date (i'm not good when it comes to things like this as i panic i'm going to miss out haha.....again very aware of how silly I sound).
Finally the day of the release came and I was there ready and waiting by my laptop so I could finally get my hands on a set of the brushes at 11am (by this point I well and truly had my heart set on them). 

I managed to get my hands on the full 12 piece set and the makeup bag to store the brushes in and I couldn't be happier.   The brushes are the softest I have ever come across and the most gorgeous in colour, combining a mix of dove grey, white and rose gold (three of my favourite colours all combined together).  The look super chic and stylish and are the perfect addition to my ever growing makeup collection.  My only problem now is that I don't want to get them dirty as they are to gorgeous!!! (what is a girl to do haha!!!).

The collection has a number of different sets which can be purchased.  I personally went for the 12 piece as I was in need of a full set, however for those of you who don't they do an 8 piece eye set and a 4 piece contour set.  There is also a co-ordinating makeup case for your brushes which can also be purchased and is equally as fab, with rose gold hardware and a grey and white marble print all over it.
Below I have put links to all the of the sets mentioned, as well as the co-ordinating makeup bag.  Also check out their other set collections and products, they are to die and make a great addition to any dresser or makeup bag.....maybe even a gift if you can stand to part with them ;)  xXx 

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