Friday, 19 February 2016

Jeans: The Perfect Pear!!!

My first official post has been a long time coming but it's finally here!!!
The most common body type for women in the UK is 'Pear Shaped'......I am one of those women.
As all you fabulous pears out there know it is ridiculously hard to find that perfect pair of jeans and going shopping for jeans can be quite traumatic (i personally think it's a traumatic experience haha) they either fit your waist but feel too tight on the legs or bottom....or!! they fit your bottom but there is a big gap between your waist and the actual waist of the jeans, so you have to spend time and money getting them altered (so annoying!!!)
However I have discovered the perfect jeans for all us perfect pears.
Whilst out shopping one day (I didn't have the time to be shopping as I had a train to catch but all those that know me, know i just can help myself) i picked up a pair of the 'Topshop - Joni' jeans, it said they were super high waisted so i thought perfect i will grab these and try them later ( perfect as they will hopefully sit above my muffin tops and smooth them out a bit hehe) When i got home to try them i was totally prepared for the usual drama i have when trying on jean, however this time i was shocked........there was no stress and no torture......they fitted like a glove......I had finally found the perfect pair of jeans!!!
There was enough stretch to get them around my big bottom and the waist fitted snug with no gap between my back and the jeans.  The 'Topshop - Joni' jeans are the best jeans i have ever bought, i love them that much i have bought them in all the colours and they are one of the only pairs of jeans i have actually felt are true to size!  The stretch in them is also good as they aren't the sort of jeans that go saggy and baggy after wearing them for like an hour.....I truly recommend them to everyone, even if you aren't pear shaped like me I recommend them as they are the most flattering pair of jeans I have come across and they come in loads of great colours. XXX



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