Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Top Beauty Secret Revealed....

I have long looked for the perfect finishing powder for my skin type, and for all you girls out there who have oily spot prone skin you will know just how hard it is! 
As a teenager I had oily skin but never suffered with acne, however as iv entered my late twenties i started to develop adult acne (yes my skin decided to turn on me and make up for all those spot free years....not impressed!).  I tried all kind of things on my skin and eventually I went to the doctors as nothing seemed to be working and it was getting worse.  I was given antibiotics which after a while seemed to work and my skin started to clear, however after 5months it was like all of a sudden they just stopped cut long stories short i was given a different type of antibiotic and they still didn't seem to work in fact i felt like they did nothing at all so i decided to stop taking them all together and try and stick it out until it decided to calm down on it's own.   
I felt very self conscious of my spots and it was one day when I was talking to my boss and the girls at work about makeup and skin care in general my boss suggested 'Corn Silk'.  I had never heard of this before so of course I was interested (I love looking through my friends makeup bags they are always so much more interesting then your own haha), my boss told me how she loved it as a finishing powder once she had applied her foundation and said it was also mean to be good for spots.  I straight away ran out to buy a pot and couldn't wait to try it.

I couldn't believe how flawless my foundation and skin looked after I had applied the powder, but the real test was how long would this look last for (usually by lunch my face would look really oily again, especially around my T-Zone).  Again I couldn't believe it, by lunch my my makeup still looked like it did when i put it on in the morning and was only just starting to show signs around my nose (the oiliest part of my face).  
I carried on using the powder day after day and I loved the finish it gave to my makeup and how it made it last all day; however after about a week or two I started to notice that my spots weren't as red.  I carried on using the 'Corn Silk' Semi-Matt loose powder and day by day I could see that my spots were improving and I seemed to be getting fewer breakouts.  Corn Silk uses walnuts (I presume crushed up) in their powders and walnuts contain selenium which is meant to have a calming effect on acne/spot prone skin.
I still get the odd breakout but I truly believe that it helped massively with my skin, and by miles it is the best finishing powder I have ever bought.  I have bough and tried so many expensive finishing powders but non have lived up to the test as much as this one, my makeup has never felt and looked so flawless and I put it down to this powder which can be bought for less then half the price of any of the other high end powders that are for sale on the hight street.  Go ahead try it for yourself you will not be disappointed. XXX 

(Please note these are my experiences and opinions, I am not qualified as a skin expert this is a tip from one girl to another xxx)

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