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What's In My Makeup Bag?

I always find it more exciting rummaging through my friends makeup bags then my own and vice versa for them too (i'm sure that's why it takes us so much longer to get ready for a night out then it should,  it's all the experimenting and exploring of makeup bags haha).  It is this that inspired me to do the post, and today I thought I would share with you what is inside my "day to day" makeup bag.

Now I am not the best when it comes to applying makeup so I need the products to be "Bex Friendly" (I have the basics down, but ask me to do a full on night time/night out look and i'm hopeless, ooppssss).  When I say "Bex Friendly" I mean they need to be simple and easy to use and apply!!  I have however branched out recently and expanded my collection with the addition of an eye palette and pencil, these I will get to later BUT rest assured they to are still easy to use and apply (eye makeup has never and still isn't my strong point). 

I will talk you through the contents of my makeup bag and I will also add links for everything at the bottom; so if there is anything you like you can go ahead and buy it.  These are all products I would recommend to anybody as they are all great products, some are a little pricier then others but they are well worth it and they last a long time.  I believe it is perfectly fine to mix and match high street with designer brands (the same rule applies for fashion so why not apply it to makeup?!).  In my experience I have found that some high street brands work just as well if not better then their designer counterpart (Plus if you mix and match it makes up for when you splurge a little on other things hehe).

So lets start with..........


The only moisturiser I use is for my eyes ( Yes I know makeup experts out there will be shaking their heads at me but I have found that moisturising my face doesn't work for me, it gives me spots and makes my skin oilier then it already is.  Even the light ones don't work for me).  I do strongly believe in using an eye cream though as this is a very sensitive thin area of skin that needs looking after, and with me particularly I have very dark skin around my eyes at times especially if I have been in the sun.  The moisturiser I use is perfect to counteract this as it is cooling and soothing and reduces the appearance of the dark patches.  I can 100% say that this has worked for me since I have been using it and it has only been a short while as I decided to try it when my old one had run out about 3 weeks ago.
The product I use is "Bobbi Brown - Hydrating Eye cream".  Now it is a little pricey at £32 however for an eye cream I don't think it is that bad and you only need to use a very small amount so it will last absolutely ages, so well worth the splurge.


I have tried many foundations, some of them have been very expensive and others are from the high street so not as steep.  I however I have found the best for me is one that I first used about 5 years ago!!!  I'm not sure why I ever stopped using it, maybe it was a mix of as I got older I though I should be using more expensive products; and also over the years people and friends make suggestions and you want to try it as well.  It was only when I got sick of paying ridiculous prices for a product that was used so often I had to buy a new one every 6 - 8 weeks, and that somehow never seemed right for my skin that I decided to return back to and give my old foundation another try!!!  Since returning I have never looked back, it is perfect for my oily skin and gives great coverage even when I have breakouts or blemishes.  Instead of the £30 plus you can spend on a designer foundations the one I use comes in at £12.99 from 'Boots' and is "Revlon - Colourstay" foundation (shade 320 True Beige).
It comes in two skin types, 'Normal/Dry Skin' and 'Combination/Oily skin' and there are lots more shades to chose from.


Now for my concealer I use two products, one is slightly lighter then the other and I will explain why in just a moment.  The first product I use is "Bobbi Brown - Intensive Skin Serum Concealer" (in Beige 6) which comes in at £28.  As I mentioned earlier I get quite dark skin around the eye area and it helps to even out and brighten my skin tone in that particular area so worth the splurge if like me you have that problem, and again it can be used very sparingly so lasts.  I use the Bobbi Brown concealer all the way under my eye and on my lids,  I then use the second product which is about 1 to 2 shades lighter in the corners of my eye to give that bright eyed and bushy tailed look (even if your not feeling that way haha)  The second product is from 'Boots' again and is "Rimmel London - Match Perfection Illuminating concealer" (shade 010 Ivory) and is a steal at £5.99, I also use this when I contour down my nose and around the centre of my forehead (i make like a little fan shape starting from the top of my nose fanning out just past the tips of my eyebrows then I blend out).

Finishing Powder

This is the final stage of my base makeup and a firm favourite of mine which I have featured on the blog previously.  It is the one and only "Corn Silk - Semi Matt Loose Face Powder" and can be purchased on 'Amazon' for £4.60!!!  This is by far the best finishing powder I have ever used, I have tried so may expensive ones and non of them compare to this.   I use the semi matt as I have oily skin but it also comes in "Original Satin" which gives more of a glow.  I use the Corn Silk throughout the day whenever I start to get oily around my T- Zone and chin area, it is perfect to freshen up you makeup without making you look cakey or orange.

Bronzing, Contouring & Highlighting

For this I use 3 products, all quite pricey unfortunately but they are well worth it I promise you and they last forever!!
The first product I use can be bought from 'Selfridges' and is the "Chanel - Soleil Tan D chanel" (also known as the universal bronzer) this comes in at £32 and I use it very sparingly as I use it over the top of my foundation to create a bit of depth and warmth to my skin.  I use it around my temples and bring it down into the hollows of my cheeks and then down again sweeping it across my jawline towards my chin, and then a small dab on the tip of my nose (this is done before i apply my finishing powder - Corn silk)
The second product I use can be bought from 'Debenhams' and is the "Urban Decay - Naked Flushed" palette (in Strip) and come in at £23.50.  I use this much the same as the universal bronzer but this time I just go over my temples and the hollows of my cheeks to enhance the bronzer and I also sweep it along the sides of my nose.  I use the blush part of the palette on the apples of my cheeks after I have applied my main blusher as it has more of a matt finish. 
The third and final product I use can also be bought at 'Selfridges' and is the "Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar bronze & Glow" palette and com in at £49 (this is my most extravagant purchase but it is well worth it I promise you, I have had so many people ask me what highlighter I use and everyone who has gone out and bought one has loved it - and again it lasts a long time, I think my last one I had for 6months!!  Now this palette has 2 sections, a bronzer and a highlighter (yes I have already used 2 bronzers I hear you say, but this gives a lighter finish and I tend to use it on the tip of my chin and nose and at the edges of where I applied the other bronzers, or if i want a more minimal look i don't use the other bronzers at all).  I use the highlighter to sweep over the tops of my cheekbones, in the centre of my forehead and down the centre of my nose (seriously it is the best).


This blusher is one that I have used for years and I swear by it.  It is a high street brand and can be bought from 'Boots' and it is the "Bourjois - Little Round Pot" blusher in (shade 95 Rose De Jaspe), it comes in at £7.99 and it lasts for ages.  for me this is the perfect shade as its not to pinky or to orange and there is just the right amount of shimmer in it.

Eye Shadow

Now these are my most recent additions to my makeup bag, and something that I myself have only just started to experiment with as I mentioned earlier.  I figured it was time to learn and then once i have mastered day time eye makeup I can move on to attempt and master evening eye makeup (that is a long way off though haha!!)  On a recent shopping trip to Selfridge's I stumbled upon this neutral eye palette and decided it was perfect to practice with as the colours are quite light and nude (nude is my favourite tone by the everything as y friends know all to well and take the mick out of me haha) and I could also build on them if I was feeling ambitious with the darker shade.  The palette is "Bobbi Brown - Nude On Nude Eye Palette" and is £36, it is a little on the pricey side but the colours are gorgeous and perfect for the day, or to build upon if you are more confident with eye makeup.
At the same time I was also introduced to the "Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick" (in Taupe) this is priced at £21 also quite pricey but it will last for a very long time and it can be used on its own or under a powder eyeshadow to create the most amazing colour.  I like to use it under the colours in my "Nude On Nude" palette, my favourites are 'Nude' and 'Malted'.


I flit between two products for my eyebrow's and both are from 'Selfridges'.  The first product is "Charlotte Tilbury - Brow Lift" (in Cara D) which is priced at £22.50, I love this eyebrow pencil because not only does it apply really well (Bex Friendly) but it also has a build in highlighter which is designed to be used under he arch of your brow and gives an amazing finish (also hides any mistakes i'v made haha).  The second product I use is "Bobbi Brown - Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil" (in Espresso) priced at £29.50, this is the best match for my brows and gives a good coverage, perfect as I have hardly any brows left (yes i am from the decade where is was on trend to have pin thin eye brows and not the big bushy ones I used to have.  Oh how the tables turned).



I don't know about you but I have always had trouble with my mascara dropping and leaving a black line under my eyes making me look like I have bags (not the best of looks).  I have tried so many mascaras both high street and designer and non of them have relieved me of this problem, until I stumbled across the "Soap & Glory - Thick & Fast HD Mascara" this is a bargain priced at £10.50.  now you have to be careful of the brush as it is quite thick but once you have mastered this you will be left with fuller looking lashes and minimal drop (no more eyes that look like they have black bags....Winner!!!).


The finishing touch to any makeup weather its day or night.....Lipstick.  Now i have lots of lipsticks which i switch up on a day to day basis (all vary in different shades of nude), but my favourite of them all is "MAC - Velvet Teddy Matt Lipstick", the price of this is £15.50 and I find the shade goes with most colours in my outfits and it is perfect for a day time lip colour.

There you have it, that is the entire content of my "day to day" makeup bag, I hope you enjoyed looking through it and found some great products you would like to try!!!


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