Sunday, 10 April 2016

Primark Gym Wear Haul

I personally feel like new gym clothes inspire, and yes it is another excuse for me to shop (I hold my hands up to that) but I do feel a greater sense to go to the gym when I have bought new gym wear.  Now as you all know (errrrmm....or you do now) my last post was on my new "Marbleous" makeup brushes by Spectrum carrying on my obsession with all things marble and linking in with my new "back to the gym" mentality (i.e panic mode as im going on holiday in a few months and m still very much sporting my hibernation body....ooppssss!!!) I went on a trip to Primark and picked up some of the most amazing, fun and stylish gym wear ever and.....yep, you guessed it! It's marbled!!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎

Previously when I have bough gym wear I have gone to the usual places you think of like, Nike, JD Sports, Sports Direct, even TK Maxx (and the odd piece from Victoria's Secret, I couldn't resist and it was in the sale at a bargain price), but this time a friend had suggested Primark to me so I though why not....lets go and have a look!!!  Well lets just say now it's my new favourite place to go for bits for the gym and I had to stop myself from buying everything!!.....they have everything from water bottles to socks to gym towels, trainers, vests, leggings.....everything you could possible want for the gym, whilst looking every bit stylish at the same time.  The price points are also great and so is the quality, with a lot of the fabrics they use being 'Quick Dry' (definitely a necessity when at the gym).

This is my favourite combination out of the pieces I bought and is currently all packed and in my gym bag ready for tomorrow (ekkk first day back at the gym in forever, Tuesday is going to be a rough day haha).  Whilst on my visit I also decided to stock up gym socks, these ones are absolutely fab and came in a multi pack of three including this gorgeous denim blue marble, bright magenta and teal green marble (yes....yet again more marble, I cant help it).  They also do them in plain black and plain white and those colours come in packs of five I think.  My final purchase was the little grey and orange bag,  which has rolled up inside it a micro fibre towel.  Usually I just grab whatever small towel I can find in the cupboard at the time but I decided I was going to get into the proper spirit of things and buy a dedicated gym towel, which also happens to colour co-ordinate with my new gym wear (and ironically my other gym wear as I seem to like buying grey for the gym.....creature of habit hehe)  Bellow I will list all the items along with their prices, I bough all my pieces from the Manchester store but i'm sure most stores and defiantly the larger stores will stock the whole sportswear range, so you can pop down and check it out. XxX

Tie Dye Padded Crop Top - £5.00
Lattice Back Crop Top - £4.00
Crop Tie Dye Leggings - £6.00
Tie Dye Vest Top (longer version of crop not featured) - £5.00
3Pack of Tie Dye Sports Socks - £2.50
Micro Fiber Towel - £3.50

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