Friday, 8 April 2016

The Marbleous Collection

I have been on the search for a new set of makeup brushes for about a year now, and every time I came close to purchasing something always put me off.  Be it the price, the colour, the feel of the brush or even loss of interest all together (I am very meticulous you see when it comes to a purchase, and there is an actual though process behind every item I buy be big or small.  Yes I am aware I probably sound very silly right now hehe, however it is this process that makes sure I only ever buy things I absolutely LOVE or need!!!).

The new "Marbleous" collection from 'Spectrum Collections' was an instant LOVE!!!  They were perfect and exactly what I had been looking for, straight away I had to have them and couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous they were.  There was only one problem.....they hadn't been released yet and it was another 2weeks until the release date (i'm not good when it comes to things like this as i panic i'm going to miss out haha.....again very aware of how silly I sound).
Finally the day of the release came and I was there ready and waiting by my laptop so I could finally get my hands on a set of the brushes at 11am (by this point I well and truly had my heart set on them). 

I managed to get my hands on the full 12 piece set and the makeup bag to store the brushes in and I couldn't be happier.   The brushes are the softest I have ever come across and the most gorgeous in colour, combining a mix of dove grey, white and rose gold (three of my favourite colours all combined together).  The look super chic and stylish and are the perfect addition to my ever growing makeup collection.  My only problem now is that I don't want to get them dirty as they are to gorgeous!!! (what is a girl to do haha!!!).

The collection has a number of different sets which can be purchased.  I personally went for the 12 piece as I was in need of a full set, however for those of you who don't they do an 8 piece eye set and a 4 piece contour set.  There is also a co-ordinating makeup case for your brushes which can also be purchased and is equally as fab, with rose gold hardware and a grey and white marble print all over it.
Below I have put links to all the of the sets mentioned, as well as the co-ordinating makeup bag.  Also check out their other set collections and products, they are to die and make a great addition to any dresser or makeup bag.....maybe even a gift if you can stand to part with them ;)  xXx 



  1. I've been dying to try Spectrum brushes for ages now, and these look sooo pretty!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. They are fab Sinead, I definitely recommend them :) They are just as gorgeous in real life as what they are in the pictures xx


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