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Whats In My Handbag.....

I have two obsessions in life one being shoes and the other handbags (seriously I could genuinely never have to any pairs of shoes or handbags haha).  I feel they make an outfit and sometimes a great pair of shoes or a handbag is all you need!!! Take a jeans and tee combination for example.....quite plain to start off with but team them with a fab pair of heels and an amazing handbag and you have created a simple yet stylish outfit!!!
In this post I though I would share with you my favourite bag of the moment and what essentials I carry with me in it........  

The Bag it's self..... from Zara and yes while I do love my designer bags, I also love high street labels as well!  Zara is great at designing pieces which have a high end look but at an affordable price, and everyone who knows me (and you to now) knows that it is my favourite shop I love that shop and could probably spend allll my money in there haha.
The thing I love about this bag is how unusual it is, yet it still has a classic feel to it.  When I look for any piece be it clothes, shoes or handbags I like it to have longevity as fashion forward pieces are great but I feel they look dated 6months to a year later.  "Fashions fade, style is eternal" YVES SAINT LAURENT,
Now I have had this bag a few weeks now and I literally use it all the time.  It goes to work with me, it's been for dinner with me and even on nights out!!! (yes it has really been that diverse).  The bag comes with two detachable straps, the gold chain strap you can see and a long cross body strap which matches the bag in green and mock crock effect.  During the day and for work I like to use the cross body strap and leave the gold chain strap hanging; as it is practical yet still has that something extra.  For things like dinner or nights out I remove the cross body strap and use only the gold chain as it has a more formal feel and look to it.  I still haven't used the small handle just on its own yet but I think this is something I will do more when the weather gets warmer, when I wear little summer dresses and cami tops.  This little bag really is perfect and seems to slot in perfectly with my wardrobe.  Now I know that the bag is no longer in stock on the website as it has been so popular, however it may be possible to still find it in store or even on e-bay.  If not I have attached links below of similar bags from Zara which are just as fab and I myself may possible have to go out and buy as well hehe!!  


The Purse..... one that took me forever to find!  There are lots of small purses on the market now, both from high end retailers and from high street retailers.  For me though finding the perfect one in the right size and colour seemed to be an impossible task.  If I could fInd one in the right colour it wouldn't be the right size, and if I found one in the right size it wouldn't be the right style or colour I wanted!! (awkward girl I know, but if i'm spending money on something why shouldn't it be perfect, at least then I will love it and it will be worth the money spent!!).  
I wanted a small purse, not just a card for me it had to have a zip compartment as well for keeping money safe (as the problem I was having with my new and amazing bag was that my old purse was to big to fit in it and I was forever loosing my money and cards at the bottom of the bag).  Long stories short I eventually found this one in Harvey Nichols and its by the brand "COACH".  The size was perfect and so was the colour as it was neutral and the hardware on it was gold so it matched my bag perfectly, it also had a zip compartment as well as slots for my cards.....finally I had found the perfect purse and to top it off it looked chic and classic!!!  There was only one problem and that was that I hadn't yet looked at the price (I usually have a habit of picking the most expensive item around, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend hehe) and I had a mental budget of £50 as I was trying to be good!!!  With one eye open nervously I reached for the price tag inside the purse expecting it to be far more expensive then my budget.....but to my pleasant surprise it was less then my budget and came in at £45........It really was PERFECT!!!
Below I have attached a link for the purse in the colour I bought it in, however it does come in a variety of colours on line and even more in store at Harvey Nichols.

The Sunglasses..... will never guess where they are from!!! Nope not Dior, not prada, not Celine.........They are from Marks & Spencer!  These I picked up on recent trip to the food hall there, and as I was leaving and passing through the clothes section I decided to have a look around and see what was there as sometime you can find great little bits in M&S especially in their Limited and Autograph range.
As I had been on the look out for a new but cheapish pair of sunglasses to take with me on holiday (I get scared when I wear my expensive ones that i'm going to drop them in the sea and never see them again) I decided to have a try of a few pairs and these were the ones that I eventually settled on.  only after taking about a million selfies and sending half to my boyfriend to make sure I didn't look silly in them haha.  The frames are in the most gorgeous nude/pale pink and gold, which will look fab in the summer and holiday with all my outfits (yes I have already started planning and buying outfits haha), and it will suit most skin tones and hair colours to.

The Essentials.....

.....finally the essentials which keep me feeling myself throughout the day!  Firstly my trusty Corn Silk, I neer leave the house without this.  It keeps my face looking and feeling fresh all day and when ever I get a bit oily around my T-Zone I just powder a bit on around my forehead, nose and chin instantly reviving my makeup.
Secondly my favourite rosey/nude shade of lipstick at the moment "Very Victoria" by Charlotte Tilbury, this is a great lipstick for the day as its matt whilst at the same time keeps you lips hydrated and soft, and in my opinion it's great for all skin tones.  On my olive skin and darker skin tones it creates more of a rosey/blush nude whilst on lighter skin tones it creates more of a peachy nude.
Thirdly and my final item in my bag is the fragrance "Si" by Georgia Armani.  It is the perfect summer sent and I absolutely love it!  I tend to go for perfumes that have a strong, rich fragrance and this one fits perfectly with an additional fruity/floral layer.....honestly go out and try it, you will love it!! It comes in three levels of intensity, the eau de toilette, the eau de parfum and the aue de parfum intense.  For those of you who dont want a perfume that is as strong I would got for the eau de toilette, and for those who like a very strong perfume I would got for the intense (you literally only need one or two spays max of the intense as I found out when I was trying them haha).
Below I have popped links for anyone who wants to try any of the essential products just mentioned, I hope you enjoyed this post and looking through my bag......happy shopping!!! XxX 


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