Sunday, 14 August 2016

Travel: An Essential Guide To Packing

Summer is well and truly here.....however this year, here in the UK it seems to be more in seasonal name then actual presence......!!!! So for all us Brits who are lucky enough to be able to jet off to warmer climates, be it near or far here is my essential guide to packing!!!!

Airport Attire!!!  When packing.....and I know this may sound silly but trust me it makes perfect sense, I firstly think of what I will be wearing to the airport!!!  I like to make full use (and i mean FULL) of the baggage allowance when I travel, so my airport attire is always strategic.  I always want and aim to be comfortable (and lets not forget stylish) especially if it is a long flight, however I try and include into my outfit items of clothing which are heavy or awkward to pack.....say for example a straw fedora hat.  Doing this frees up space in my case and allows the weight to stay down, I also pack heavier items in my hand luggage if it allows!!!

The handbag I use for the airport is also strategic.....yes of course I want it to coordinate and set off my outfit perfectly, however I also want it to be functional!  There is nothing worse then having to dig around in the bottom of a huge bag trying to find my passport, makeup, boarding pass, purse and what ever else I may try and fill a big bag with (yes I am one of those girls).  So I opt for a more compact smaller which is the perfect size to fit in those airport essentials, meaning everything is easily found and accessible.......  

Holiday Wardrobe!!!  Once I have decided on my airport attire I move on to packing my main this can often seem overwhelming and people tend to just throw things in, resulting in over weigh cases, miss matched outfits or even excess items which never end up being worn at all whilst away!!!  To avoid these situations I organise and pre-plan my holiday wardrobe in advance.
I buy bits and pieces over the upcoming months and weeks, firstly to spread the cost but also so I don't panic buy last minute.....this never results in anything me!!  As i'm going along I asses what pieces I have and haven't got and add accordingly, this avoids over buying and makes sure you don't buy one too many of of a particular item of clothing or shoes (I am a shoe person so this part is hard for me as I could take a case just devoted to shoes if I was allowed).  

........In my final stage of organising my holiday wardrobe I lay out everything on the bed, arranging each item into a complete outfit.....this includes everything from hats to shoes, sunglasses to jewellery, belts to bags.  I then take pictures on my phone so I have a reference of each outfit which I can refer to whilst I'm away, and believe me this makes all the difference when it comes to getting ready and being out the door in a timely manner (something all boyfriends discreetly or NOT so discreetly wish would happen)!!!  I pack enough outfits for the number of nights I will be away, plus two backup outfits with me just incase and to allow for the unexpected.

Lotions & Potions!!!  Now all you ladies out there know that toiletries are the biggest contributor to the weight of a suitcase, that and makeup.  When packing them I either try to buy travel sized items or another good solution if they don't have your products available, is to buy the empty travel sized pots and bottles (which you can buy from places like Boots and even Primark for just a few pounds, and they come with labels so you know what is in each of them).  This is the option I went for as it meant I could take all my favourite lotions and potions with me and not have to worry about them weighing my case down.    

The Finer Things!!!  Finally......all my outfits are packed and so are all my lotions and potions, all that is left to pack is my jewellery.  Now jewellery being one of the more delicate finer things in life can easily be broken or damaged in a case, so I like to pack it carefully.  Its obviously not possible to pack your jewellery box or tree in your case, so I use something a little more makeshift when I travel!
Rather then have all my lovely pieces of jewellery floating around in my case I put them all into a small box or container......I found that the perfect one for me is an old LadureĆ© box, as it fits in all the jewellery I like to take away with me perfectly (small storage boxes or even a small Tupperware box will also do the trick and can be found most places).  Once I have packed into it all my jewellery I simply place the lid on and slot it between some soft items of clothing......and voila my jewellery is safe for when I come to wear it on holiday!!!  

So there you have it..... my stress free essential guide to packing for all your travels this summer.  All that is left to do is zip the case closed and have a stylish and fabulous time ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ 
P.S.....Don't forget your passportttttt!!!


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