Monday, 5 September 2016

My Greek Adventure

Summer seems like a far distant memory these days......especially now as it's the start of September and we are all starting to think of our Autumn wardrobes and what key pieces we need to buy to update them!!!  As I am a summer baby I am refusing point blank may I add, to let the summer go without a fight (especially seeing as in this year our Great British Summer seems to have been quite a wash out and at times cold!!!).  So as I am sat here reminiscing about those brief balmy summer days and planning how I can stretch out my summer wardrobe that little bit longer, I though I would share with you one of my favourite parts of my trip to the Greek Island of Kefalonia.......

The day started early as the port where we would set sail to begin our adventure was quite a drive from our beautiful hotel set in the small town Skala.....we traveled along the coast and up through the mountains and down to reach the small port of Sami where we set sail on the first leg of our adventure to the small Greek Mythological island Ithaca.....

Our boat took us up the Ithaca channel to the island, where we docked at a small fishing harbour which had a beautiful little pebble beach and the most beautiful crystal clear turquoise water.  Lined up along the harbour were the cutest little fishing boats......they couldn't have been more picture perfect if they had tried!!!  By this time the Mediterranean sun was high in the sky and shining down hard so with temperatures soaring in we jumped into the cool clear waters.......... It Was Like HEAVEN!!!
Once our little swim stop was over we boarded the boat again where we set sail for our main destination back over on the island of Kefalonia.  This time we were heading to the picturesque Venetian town of Fiscardo.........     

After a short boat ride across the water we arrived at Fiscardo's harbour,  now this town is well known for it's cosmopolitain feel and it's famous.......sometimes even royal visitors!!  However for me it was the gorgeous Venetian architecture that drew me here!!!  I just love the old Venetian style balconies, the shutters and the ornate doors (yes the doors!!!  I have a thing for a good door, ie they always provide the perfect selfie/photo backdrop which you will see later in the post haha).  

Walking around the town I found myself mesmerised by the bougainvillea climbing up all the buildings and arches, the narrow stone streets that branched off in all directions, the white washed walls and the brightly painted shutters and doors...... it really is the most picturesque towns I have ever visited.  With so much originality to it and culture how could it not be one of my favourite parts of my trip to the Greek island!!!

I seriously could have spent the whole day in Fiscardo; eating and drinking the local specialities......wandering around and drifting in and out of all the little boutiques.  Some selling the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, others selling handcrafted bags to the most amazing silk kaftans.....I really was in my element, my little happy place ❤︎

The Greek islands are my most favourite places to visit and on returning home, before the wheels of the plane had even hit the runway I was already planning my next Greek adventure..... my thoughts are towards Santorini or even Mykonos, maybe I could island hop!!!  who knows what next summer will bring!?!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous summer all be it short and sweet, I would love to hear all about your holiday highlights and adventures below........ XxX 



  1. I can't wait till I get to go to Greece!

    Stunning little shots <3

    1. Thank you Coisa :) i hope you have a lovely time in Greece, it is a gorgeous place to visit x

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