Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dublin: A Little Slice Of Paris!!!

 Hello lovelies........ I know this post is long over due but here it is!!!
In February this year I flew over to Dublin to visit one of my old time friends Karlie (yes...shout out to you lovely).  Knowing exactly what i'm like she took me on a tour of the city, Starbucks in hand we wondered along the River Liffey, and all around the shops (I find shopping somewhere new way more exciting, sometimes!! Don't you?).  Little did I know the best sight was yet to come!!!!
........A little slice of Paris, tucked into the busy, cobbled streets of Dublin.  Now everyone who knows me, knows that this little Parisian Tea Room is my favourite of all!!!  I could not have been more excited when I saw that this was where we were going for lunch that day......    

The atmosphere, the divine fragrance of sweet desserts and decadent teas, the beautiful Parisian decor, and lets not forget the most amazing macarons I have ever tasted...... these are all things that I love about LaDuree tea rooms. Now if only one would open up in Manchester, a girl can but dream.

For lunch we both had the most perfect poached eggs and salmon, served on the most gorgeous pastel and gold place settings..... with beautiful ornate cutlery.  When you are in the tea room it really does feel like you are in Paris, it is so chic and elegant, right down to the choice of teas you can drink!!!
My chic Parisian tea of choice is the appropriately named "Marie Antoinette" Tea.  With it's delicate mix of Chinese and Indian black tea, combined with rose petals, citrus fruits and honey, not only does it smell divine, but it tastes amazing to........

Of course on my visit I had to buy a box of my favourite tea and bring it home with me to enjoy, bringing a little piece of Paris to my humble abode.  Ironically whilst I am writing this post I am sat here with a cup of the tea right in front of me, it smells and tastes exactly like it does in the tea room and it takes me right back to that spot in Dublin. 

What's your favourite LaDuree delicacy, or even your favourite tea room or coffee shop?  I would love to know down in the comments below, but until next time.......


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